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We are an instant response 24 hour building drying equipment hire company. Our business specialises in professional advisory services, in addition to the hire, distribution and collection of our vast selection of drying equipment.

We are a small company based in South London, who treat every job with the utmost importance, whether it’s delivering a single dehumidifier to a residential flat or an appropriate set to a large commercial property.

Our highly portable industrial building dryers enable the fast aeration of water damage from all property types – commercial and domestic. Using our professional drying tools, we are capable of getting you from a saturated to parched building within the minimum amount of time. Using a tandem of various fans and heaters, our dehumidifiers will speed-dry your property, enabling sooner restoration to pre-flood condition.

Our offers include

  • Commercial and domestic dehumidifier rental along with side equipment
  • Construction drying for accelerated drying in new duildings
  • Drying after floods and water damages
  • Dehumidification of rooms after conversion works
  • Air dehumidification for temporary storage or drying processes


Contents / Building Insurance

Act fast; just after 48 hours, in certain circumstances, fungal spores start to develop within saturated homes.

Mould usually attacks wooden flooring, carpets, underlay and skirting boards. If moisture is not removed quickly enough mould might spread and develop on walls or furniture, causing even larger damage to the building than flood or leaks by themselves.

Therefore, if you are insured don't wait for the Loss Adjustors arrival, just contact your insurance company and mention that you want to commence a professional drying process.

Most of the insurers cover all expenses related to the drying process even if it is started without their approval.

If you are not insured, your decision to start the professional drying should be even faster as each hour of delay increases recovery costs.


All major debit and credit cards are accepted. Payment is usually arranged over the phone after agreeing delivery time and confirming avaibility of ordered equipment.

We do charge for stolen or damaged hire equipment. Be sure equipment is secured and protected from vandalism or loss. You can avoid the risk of unforeseen charges by taking of our Damage Waiver option. Our standard level of protection of hired equipment, at 15% of the hire rate, protects you against the cost of repairing damage of equipment.

Deposit is required for all hired Equipment. We will take a 1 week Hire charge as a Deposit. The Deposit will be refunded upon return of Equipment.

Any sum payable is exclusive of VAT.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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